Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Harry Potter and the half blood prince

Ok I went to the theaters the day Harry Potter came out with my hubby. It was about 2 hours and 33 min (says fandango); just because it was harry potter and it was opening day I had bought the tickets through fandango.
But was it worth it ?? ( i ask myself the same thing)
To me personally it was a disappointment, and the people around me seemed to agree.
The book had more romance betweeen the main characters, but the action was still centered around harry's adventure for the horcrux and Dumbledore's death.
The movie however was not, to me it wasn't quite this or that. Meaning it didn't really go in depth with the romance part or the action part. It just seemed like luke warm water. (ewww)
Plus Dumbledore's death is kind of a BIG DEAL, but in the actual movie it took like what 5 minutes, hermione's crying scene took longer then that. To me it was a crash and burn.
I love harry potter, its a great book series and its kinda kool to see the main characters grow in the movie from the first to the most current.
All in all, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince could have been made better, and hopefully the next movie can bring about the climax that everyone is anticipating.

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