Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lunasol Water Modeling Foundation YOO3 product review

Alrighty, I've finally purchased a lunasol foundation, well at least one of there types, I think there are only two types the modeling water, which is the one I have or the water cream. I haven't tried the cream yet so I can't really recommend it to oily skin. But as far as the Water modeling foundation I would say that its fine.
Before I get any further into the review I would like the say that I'm a MAC NC-40 in studio fix, the powder form. Thus I bought Lunasol YOO3 and thankfully the color matches. yay ^^
I have tried the MAC powder and it gives really good coverage, and REVLON colorstay foundation in 180 SAND BEIGE and many more.
The Lunasol in comparison to all my foundation that I've tried for oily skin, would rank pretty high. For me its the only one I use now. Usually if it's oil-free the foundation is really matte and can leave your skin feeling really dry and tight. The lunasol foundation is really sheer ( if your looking for coverage, your not looking at the right product review), coverage is light, this foundation is not meant to be a mattifying foundation. It more towards a dewy supple look.
With this foundation, I'm not going to lie I have to use primer, and blot two-three times a day, but if you have oily skin, you would have to blot the same like wise, so I wouldn't say that the lunasol is make my skin more oily that usual, and it doesn't break me out.
I really like the dewy look and a big plus is that it doesn't run or smeer everywhere. Sometimes foundation can actually melt off your face if its too hot or your sweating, however the Lunasol is resistant,( of course if you rub it it's going to come off, but patting motion preserves your foundation) Also that if I blot other foundations it would acutally be cakey and have cracks, but after blotting the lunasol, it bounces right back.
Lunasol water modeling foundation works well for me; oily skin its recommended that you use a oil-free primer before using the foundation .

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