Thursday, September 8, 2011

Look into my eyes.. ~~ lunasol palette review

Lunasol is a japanese cosmetic line from kanebo.
There are the two shadow palettes I own
the neutral is CE01
the other is the purple 04 soft variation

you can find lunasol shadow from

These shadows are pigmented, soft, and blend incredibly well.
However they are on the pricey side each palette I purchased from 42-60 USD.

neutral look

Soft variation 04 (purple)

Overall this product is great if you:

-can get your hands on them
- love glittery shadows
-love japanese cosmetics

Not for you if:

-you don't like ordering online
-out of your price range
-don't like glittery shadows.

I would not recommend this for more mature ladies just because glittery (shimmer) on mature eyes just accentuates wrinkles just like it does with pores and scarring.

still if you hate matte color and have mature eyes I would go with shadow that have a sheen (satin finish).

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