Sunday, September 18, 2011

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse review

Hey guys as you know this is a review for the Maybelline Dream smooth mousse foundation the shade that I have is 150.

I had purchase this a while back for about 7-9 dollars (USD) depending on which drugstore you purchase it from.

The formulation of this foundation is a creamy texture, as in it melts when you touch it.
With this foundation a little goes a really long way and take caution that if you do apply to much the product with be streaky and cake up.

I recommend a setting powder with the foundation due to its creamy texture.
A great drugstore powder would be the Maybelline dream matte powder, but if your looking for a high end anyone that you love will be fine.. I use the Mac mineralized skinfinish natural

application of the product: I would recommend a sponge or a brush. Your hands or finger would be too time consuming to melt some onto your fingers and scooping the foundation out if out of the question since in the pan away from heat the foundation is solid. Plus basically double-dipping your finger into your foundation isn't hygienic.

Since we are moving away from the hot & humid weather and moving into cooler days this foundation will be perfect to keep your skin moisturized and due to its semi-dewy finish will prevent your skin from dying out due to the cold.

I enjoy having this foundation at my disposal and is one that I can go back to time to time,

Warning: Keep this foundation away from hot warm places as this foundation will melt and if on its side the foundation will literally leak out. But will all your foundation should be kept a a good room temperature as extreme heat would change/alter the original formulation/properties of the foundation.

here is a swatch of it before its blended ( will not look so thick after blending )

and a how it looks in the pan

Thank you for taking the time to read this review and please do check out my video on youtube

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