Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pinky Geo Bambi Lens (sesame grey)

I finally made my first purchase of enlarged color contacts from on August 21. Which was the Geo Bambi Lens in Sesame Grey ( ones I got were non prescription, however they do make prescription contacts as well).
After shipping other charges it was $29.89 us dollars
I received my shipment Sept 1 which included a pair of lens, a free gift hair holder, and a contact case.

As far as how the contact feel: they are super comfortable but I do advise that even before opening the product be sure to scratch off the sticker to reveal the serial number and check for authenticity of the product.

Because no matter how popular contact and how much they are a part of daily life for some people. lens are a foreign object that is literally sitting on top of your eyes.

Take care of your eyes by:
- cleaning your lens in solution
- do not sleep with them on
- dispose of them after a year (or as suggested by the company)
- if they feel irritating in any way be sure to check for tears or dents and if they are present dispose of the contact right away.

My experience with was not extraordinary but not horrible either. I really didn't like the fact that it took 20 days for an item to be delivered and was stuck in customs for days.
But long delivery time is due to the international shipping. So I guess it is good reason

when ordering from BE BE Absolutely sure of your shipping address. Recheck before completing your purchase, because pinkyparadise will charge you TRIPLE for shipping your purchase back out to you if it was shipped back due to mistake in your address.

Lastly I really love my lenses they feel great and actually completes my look~
Want larger looking eyes that will grab anyone's attention browse pinky
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