Monday, October 10, 2011

Mac Prolong Wear LipGlasses Review

 MAC has added a New Permanent line to their already large collection. The prolong lipglasses are 18.50(USD) and come in 8 shades.
I personally only own two of them myself and love them both.

Have problem with your lipglosses smudging? Are they not long-lasting enough for you?
Well HAVE NO FEAR. ~~~ Lipglasses are here..
These Lipglasses are PERFECT for that gloss that will never stray and stay on your lips.
Along with providing a glossy finish and Not skimping out on color.

However Caution !
-Due to the consistency of the gloss they are extremely Tacky ~
- A little amount goes a long way, over application will lead to a gloppy looks
The two colors I own are: (left) Full speed ahead, (right) Infinitely Likeable

 This is how an application should look like for everyday wear.. Light application give color and a glossy finish..
If I had put more on it would have created a gloppy look and made the gloss well up in the inner part of your lips.

Overall I really do like these lipglasses with proper application it really does justice.I hope you guys enjoy them too.~

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