Friday, December 28, 2012

TAG: Best of ALL-TIME (Drugstore) or (High-end)

TAG ALERT !!!!!!

I have personally felt this when watching all the make-up gurus I have subscribed too. I know to make and interseting channel our goal is to review new items released to give as accurate infomation possible to our viewers. However, as a viwer, sometimes it's very confusing due to the larger products that each guru likes. Thus I am creating this tag (with the end of this year ) to consolidate what Guru's truely still LOVE. It's mainly to answer the question: that at the end of the year what products do u still reach for everday when doing your make-up in the morning?

Each Guru can either do a TAG: Best of 2012 (Drugstore) or TAG: Best of 2012 (High-end) or BOTH if they'd like.
The questions will be the same

try to keep it as one product per category (unless u truely use both everyday, ex like two powders.)

1. what is the best Daily Moistuizer?
2. what is the best PRIMER you use daily during the year of ALL-TIME (if you do use primer)?
3. what is the best FOUNDATION you use daily during the year of ALL-TIME  (can be replaced with a bb if you don't use foundation)?
4. What is the best CONCELEAR you use daily during the year of ALL-TIME ?
5. What is the best FACE POWDER you use daily during the year of ALL-TIME ?
6. what is the best CONTOUR powder you use daily during the year 0f ALL-TIME ?
7. what is the best BLUSH you use daily during the year of ALL-TIME  ( if know blushes may change depending on the daybut try to choose one you reach the most)?
8. what is the best HIGHLIGHTER you use during the year of ALL-TIME ?
9. what is the best EYE SHADOW PRIMER you use during the year of ALL-TIME ?
10. what is the best EYELINER you use during the year of ALL-TIME ?
11. what is the best MASCARA you use during the year of ALL-TIME ?
12. what is the best SETTING SPRAY you used during the year of ALL-TIME  (if it applys to u)?

 * Leaving out lipstick/gloss and eyeshadow cause those products are something that is changed daily depending on looks.

I hope this can spread to all the Gurus you watch to help true know what they still love and stick by.

If you do use this TAG, it would be greatly appreciated if you'd cited my youtube channel and name me in your videos.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Simplistic Glam look

Hey guys, So Winter is here and soon it will be 2013 ( A New Year).

There are bunches of parties galore to go too. I really love around this time of year, not the cold, but just the season. It more festive and you can go more bold with your looks. Like using a bright liner, or vibrant eye shadows, or a shocking lip.

This is a simplistic Easy Holiday look you can achieve. The key points are a subdued eye look with a clean cat eye along with a BOLD lip color. I chose red lips, i don't know why but Red is a Fun, daring, bold, sexy color but is kinda hard to maintain.

 The main focus of the look is to keep everything simple and neat to compliment the BOLD RED LIP.
I guess it you classify it as a more classic look. However nonetheless flawless.

The Products I used to achieve this look was:

1. Revlon whipped colorstay foundation
2. Mac concealer
3. Maybelline Dream matte powder
4. Elf Blush and contour kit
5. Mac mineralized skinfinish natural  Soft n Gentle
6. Mac eyebrow pencil
7. Color tattoo (white)
8. BH cosmetic 88 eyeshadow pallette
9. Milani liquify eye in black
10. Physicians Formula liner 2-n-1 serum
11. Lancome Clis booster
12. Estee Lauder sumptous extreme (sample size- got from promotions they had)
13. Lancome mauvelle lip liner
14. N.Y.X. LSS 513 Electra
15. Orange lip gloss (no brand ) but just find a orange lip gloss , and you will still be able to achieve same look

I hope you guys enjoy this Classic Simple Bold Look for the holiday and I wish you , Happy Holidays

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Project update ~~

So, for some time I have been working on editing a book.

The story is something that my fiance had kept for a while but we had to convert it from a script into a book.

Countless days and nights have been spent trying write a book worthy of putting up to the public. I'm not saying we are perfect ( if we were we would be making the BIG bucks), but no we are your ma-n-pa starters and with your love and support will grow into maybe something more.

Thus I'm proud to present to you guy to check up

DRAGON'S HATRED : The Forsaken Art Vol 1

For your gracious purchase of the book for only 2.99 ! You can help us grow to further expand the book series.

Thanks guys
See you on AMAZON

Sunday, September 2, 2012

MIA: I'm Lost in Life.

Now I'm 99% everyone has a life.
Even the most lonely sucker on earth must have a life thinking about how lonely he/she is. Thus I will stick to 99% of people have lives.

That includes you and me, So comes the part: I have been so busy with my life.
Well there is a large gap between Jan and Now.
First I had gotten a new job with and bank named PNC liked it for the first month then hated it after was miserable for a while then decided with my BF's blessing to up and quit.

Whoever thought of the Idea that," Hey lets make a job and hire people to harass people in supermarkets to open bank accounts." is one dumb motherfacker (yes facker was on purpose)

Well that was my job to talk (annoy) to people in aisles to open accounts.
The pay was decent and I guess benefits were OK, but not enough to cover the emotional distress the job entails.

Anyways besides that, the alternative to working at the bank I have decided to turn my make-up blog into a lifestyle blog. I feel this is more general and allows me to express other subjects besides make-up.
Don't get me wrong make-up is still great however make-up nowaday even in drugstores breaks my lil piggy bank.
Following my lifestyle change my bf and I have decided to own our own business; what that is will remain my lil dirty secret till I know for sure how it goes.

I have also taken up drawing not lesson but trying to be self taught I'm not genius at is but practice makes perfect right? (nudge nudge)

I am really excited with the new changes and hope you guys are excited with me.

Welcome to a lil part of me !

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Princess MIMI bambi lens in Apple Green & haul

Remember these?
Geo princess mimi ( bambi) Sesame Grey

Because I loved them so much I buckled and bought another pair in APPLE Green.
I got mine from Pinkyparadise for around 23.90$ USD before any shipping and handling
Took an estimate of two weeks for delivery but since its coming from out of the state its understandable

What I love about buying at Pinkyparadise is that they give little freebies this time I got a cute little animal case for my lenses and a velcro hair sticky thing.

I just appreciate it a bit more when a company takes the time to add some goodies. <3

Here is a close up of the lens ( in correlation to the video) the great thing about these lenses are that they have that enlarging effect without looking crazy abnormal. In one word it would be described at "subtle" due to the dark outer rim that extended outside of your normal iris and the green in the middle and the transition into the light brown creates the illusion of more realistic eye rather than a flat color (green).

While I was away I had accumulated a various amount or things so I will be review and hauling them all as soon as I can starting with these

Cause of my constant battle with acne I'm always on the look out for new things that might help my skin a bit better. This time I was drawn to Patricia Wexler acnescription because her acne regiment not only was targetted towards acne but also anti-aging.
Cleanser: Cream with fine exfoliating particle ( does not foam) and isn't great for removing make-up
Serum: has anti-aging properties and smell nice however the serum balls up when using gel moisturizers
Overnight lotion: Not as heavy as you would think a night time moisturizer would be again smells nice about sometimes have to put on twice to get enough moisture.
Daily moisturizer SPF 30: has SPF a bit heavier than the overnight (weird) as be a bit greasy despite that it claims to be oil-free.
How much has it helped with acne ??
I saw a smoother texture in my skin and more balance in oil production after,
I'm glad that the skincare doesn't get in the way of how my make-up is applied
and it feels light weight (except daily spf 30 moisturizer sometimes)

Laneige Mutliberry Yogurt Peeling Gel
This is in one word an exfoliator however instead of a cream base it has more of a gel base. Feels very light weight the particles are more course than patricia wexler acnescription however there are less particle.
due to the gel base its easier to move the particle around so I like to use it in the shower.
Smells like it says like a berry smoothie
as far as effectiveness I didn't really have it long enough to give a pin point answer so I will come back to that.

Loreal Everpure Shampoo & Conditioner
Cause I recently dyed my hair I didn't want to damage it any further so I changed my shampoo & conditioner to be sulfate free to harm it form more chemicals. I didn't think it would lather however it lathered into a nice rich think mousse and of course both smell wonderful. However even though it lathers after washing the shampoo out it doesn't feel dry or that stripping feel along with the conditioner it really helps my hair out. They are a bit costly for the bottle however cause i'm happy with how my hair has been behaving I will be repurchasing maybe in a different scent.

Lastly Revlon Colorburst Lipbutters
Of course these have been a "HIT" and I can definitely see why. They are the perfect cross between lipstick and lip balm. I have really dry lips and sometimes puting on a lipstick just make the my dried lips look even worse. However lipbutter give a hint of a glossy feel without feeling goopy that last for a pretty long time, of course after a meals reapplication is necessary but thats really it. I feel that it conditions and give nice pigmentation.
Overall : HAPPY

then we have mis pictures lol