Sunday, September 2, 2012

MIA: I'm Lost in Life.

Now I'm 99% everyone has a life.
Even the most lonely sucker on earth must have a life thinking about how lonely he/she is. Thus I will stick to 99% of people have lives.

That includes you and me, So comes the part: I have been so busy with my life.
Well there is a large gap between Jan and Now.
First I had gotten a new job with and bank named PNC liked it for the first month then hated it after was miserable for a while then decided with my BF's blessing to up and quit.

Whoever thought of the Idea that," Hey lets make a job and hire people to harass people in supermarkets to open bank accounts." is one dumb motherfacker (yes facker was on purpose)

Well that was my job to talk (annoy) to people in aisles to open accounts.
The pay was decent and I guess benefits were OK, but not enough to cover the emotional distress the job entails.

Anyways besides that, the alternative to working at the bank I have decided to turn my make-up blog into a lifestyle blog. I feel this is more general and allows me to express other subjects besides make-up.
Don't get me wrong make-up is still great however make-up nowaday even in drugstores breaks my lil piggy bank.
Following my lifestyle change my bf and I have decided to own our own business; what that is will remain my lil dirty secret till I know for sure how it goes.

I have also taken up drawing not lesson but trying to be self taught I'm not genius at is but practice makes perfect right? (nudge nudge)

I am really excited with the new changes and hope you guys are excited with me.

Welcome to a lil part of me !

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