Friday, December 28, 2012

TAG: Best of ALL-TIME (Drugstore) or (High-end)

TAG ALERT !!!!!!

I have personally felt this when watching all the make-up gurus I have subscribed too. I know to make and interseting channel our goal is to review new items released to give as accurate infomation possible to our viewers. However, as a viwer, sometimes it's very confusing due to the larger products that each guru likes. Thus I am creating this tag (with the end of this year ) to consolidate what Guru's truely still LOVE. It's mainly to answer the question: that at the end of the year what products do u still reach for everday when doing your make-up in the morning?

Each Guru can either do a TAG: Best of 2012 (Drugstore) or TAG: Best of 2012 (High-end) or BOTH if they'd like.
The questions will be the same

try to keep it as one product per category (unless u truely use both everyday, ex like two powders.)

1. what is the best Daily Moistuizer?
2. what is the best PRIMER you use daily during the year of ALL-TIME (if you do use primer)?
3. what is the best FOUNDATION you use daily during the year of ALL-TIME  (can be replaced with a bb if you don't use foundation)?
4. What is the best CONCELEAR you use daily during the year of ALL-TIME ?
5. What is the best FACE POWDER you use daily during the year of ALL-TIME ?
6. what is the best CONTOUR powder you use daily during the year 0f ALL-TIME ?
7. what is the best BLUSH you use daily during the year of ALL-TIME  ( if know blushes may change depending on the daybut try to choose one you reach the most)?
8. what is the best HIGHLIGHTER you use during the year of ALL-TIME ?
9. what is the best EYE SHADOW PRIMER you use during the year of ALL-TIME ?
10. what is the best EYELINER you use during the year of ALL-TIME ?
11. what is the best MASCARA you use during the year of ALL-TIME ?
12. what is the best SETTING SPRAY you used during the year of ALL-TIME  (if it applys to u)?

 * Leaving out lipstick/gloss and eyeshadow cause those products are something that is changed daily depending on looks.

I hope this can spread to all the Gurus you watch to help true know what they still love and stick by.

If you do use this TAG, it would be greatly appreciated if you'd cited my youtube channel and name me in your videos.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Simplistic Glam look

Hey guys, So Winter is here and soon it will be 2013 ( A New Year).

There are bunches of parties galore to go too. I really love around this time of year, not the cold, but just the season. It more festive and you can go more bold with your looks. Like using a bright liner, or vibrant eye shadows, or a shocking lip.

This is a simplistic Easy Holiday look you can achieve. The key points are a subdued eye look with a clean cat eye along with a BOLD lip color. I chose red lips, i don't know why but Red is a Fun, daring, bold, sexy color but is kinda hard to maintain.

 The main focus of the look is to keep everything simple and neat to compliment the BOLD RED LIP.
I guess it you classify it as a more classic look. However nonetheless flawless.

The Products I used to achieve this look was:

1. Revlon whipped colorstay foundation
2. Mac concealer
3. Maybelline Dream matte powder
4. Elf Blush and contour kit
5. Mac mineralized skinfinish natural  Soft n Gentle
6. Mac eyebrow pencil
7. Color tattoo (white)
8. BH cosmetic 88 eyeshadow pallette
9. Milani liquify eye in black
10. Physicians Formula liner 2-n-1 serum
11. Lancome Clis booster
12. Estee Lauder sumptous extreme (sample size- got from promotions they had)
13. Lancome mauvelle lip liner
14. N.Y.X. LSS 513 Electra
15. Orange lip gloss (no brand ) but just find a orange lip gloss , and you will still be able to achieve same look

I hope you guys enjoy this Classic Simple Bold Look for the holiday and I wish you , Happy Holidays