Thursday, March 7, 2013

LOTW: Lip Stain (Posie Tint) bitten look

Hey guys so for this weeks LOTW : Lip of the Week

I chose to do a Bitten look or another way to look at it is popsicle or lollipop lips. 
Since your staining your lips to transition from a brighter red and fade into your natural lips. 

There is so may lip stains out there so you have a pretty good selection you can choose from; high-end or drugstore. 

This time I used Poisetint sample I had gotten a while back. 

Posie Tint from Benefit gives off a slightly pinker shade than regular Beni-tint.

For my personal comfort I left it more dead in the center, however you can take out as far as your are comfortable with.

When your love in the gradient stain just top it off with a clear gloss!
and DONE

TIP: Be sure to use an MILD exfoliator to ensure that any dead skin if sloffed off. If not the tint with grab onto these dry patches making it look like your bleeding from your lips rather than a bitten feel. 

That is all guys
Hope you enjoyed the look
Hafadai~ Bunnies ~

Poisetint Picture Cite: link

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

LOTW: Mac Lovelorn

Today will be the first ever LOTW, well some of you might ask "what the heck does LOTW mean?"

LOTW = Lip of the week

I chose to do it on a weekly basis since, honestly when I wear make-up I tend to grab the same lip until I feel like changing it up. So on average you can say I wear the same lip color generally a week. Plus I'm not ballin' like the big Gurus to be banging out a new lip color/lip stick every day.  That would break my bank.

So without further adieu First ever LOTW will be MAC Lovelorn

I've had this lipstick for quite a while, and have a love - hate relationship with it.
It gives nice color pay-off , however if you do not use an exfoliatory before apply lovelorn, it will exaggerate all the tiny dry skin you have on your lips. Furthermore the color will start to even clump around it.

However, if you make sure to exfoliate and moisturize before applying your lips just have a nice flush of pink.

MAC Lovelorn is a Lustre finish 
It does feel moisturizing at first, but after about and hour or so I feel as though the lipstick thickens/drys out 
It doesn't look good when you reapply more on top rather look like you caked it on.
The best way to reapply is to remove the entire lip and reapply on bare lips once again to regain that lustre finish.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lavender is the NEW Pink for Valentine's day

With Valentine's day right around the corner, I really need like it time for a Valentine's day look that is ubber SWEET by day and bolder by night.

However every year, It always PINK .. Thus for this year change up the ol' pink (not that there is anything wrong with pink) and try LAVENDER

It subtle and elegant in my opinion plus I think for Spring pastels are IN anyways so it's a WIN WIN ..

However Like promised here are the product I used to complete my look to capture my fiance's heart. LOL

First off Face products in order of usage:

1. Missha BB cream No 21 
2. Milani Multitasking powder (light)
3. oh my face moisturizing spray
4. Revlon color stay concealer
5. Mac studio fix concealer
6. eyebrow used Revlon single shadow  (sable)
7. Contour Rimmel Bronzer
8. missha blush 

For the Eyes
1. Elf eyeshadow primer
2. Color tattoo 24 hr in Too Cool 
3. Lunasol eyeshadow pallette
4. Wet N Wild eyeliner in white
5. Tightline: Milani liquify Eye black
6. eyeliner Physicians formula Black 
7. eyelash primer: Lancome Clis booster
8. Mascara: Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes

1. Black eyeshadow  (honestly any kind works)
2. Physicians Formula eyeliner Black 

 For your Puckers

1. Mac Lipstick Lovelorn 
2. Mac Prolongwear Infinitely Likeable 

1. Revlon Colorburst Soft Rose
2. Revlon Colorburst RoseGold

Well Lovely Angels that's about it 

If you don't have a lover then just go out hand with friends or stay home get cozy with a good movie or a book.

Love isn't about what you wear or how you look. Your special person should be able to see past outer beauty and LOVE your INNER beauty the MOST. 

Make-up should only compliment the strong bond you already have with your lover.

Have a HAPPY Valentine's Day 
Davon and I are probably going to remain in our pjs and have a Movie night for our Valentine's Day

What do you guys have planned?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Twin Rams Studios Demo Reel Released

Hey guys,

Twin Rams Studios is a Company that My fiance (Davon) and I had founded last year.

Since then we have release a book, Now available for purchase in hardback and ebook @ amazon.
Click here to check out the book

Book description: 
"Lord Kashif, the ruler of Rendarg has seen the signs on the horizon, mauve clouds and blood red skies. Fearing what’s ahead for his kingdom, he put together an elite squad of fighters separate from the Resistance Army to take on this special task.

Once outside the walls this elite unit faced their toughest challenge yet, their old leader Krinx. What’s unveiled in the first encounter wiped all security from the kingdom and showed that no one will be spared. Thus began the journey to the past; in hopes that it will save their future."

and a couple days ago we released a Demo Reel, that displays the exciting direction Dragon's Hatred is taking.

If you haven't seen already your missing out  come check it out now ----- > Click

All your support and love you greatly be appreciated, we are a ma-n-pa company with just 3 people currently working on the project, however our goals and aspirations are big and we want to share our visions with the world