Monday, January 21, 2013

Twin Rams Studios Demo Reel Released

Hey guys,

Twin Rams Studios is a Company that My fiance (Davon) and I had founded last year.

Since then we have release a book, Now available for purchase in hardback and ebook @ amazon.
Click here to check out the book

Book description: 
"Lord Kashif, the ruler of Rendarg has seen the signs on the horizon, mauve clouds and blood red skies. Fearing what’s ahead for his kingdom, he put together an elite squad of fighters separate from the Resistance Army to take on this special task.

Once outside the walls this elite unit faced their toughest challenge yet, their old leader Krinx. What’s unveiled in the first encounter wiped all security from the kingdom and showed that no one will be spared. Thus began the journey to the past; in hopes that it will save their future."

and a couple days ago we released a Demo Reel, that displays the exciting direction Dragon's Hatred is taking.

If you haven't seen already your missing out  come check it out now ----- > Click

All your support and love you greatly be appreciated, we are a ma-n-pa company with just 3 people currently working on the project, however our goals and aspirations are big and we want to share our visions with the world

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