Tuesday, February 12, 2013

LOTW: Mac Lovelorn

Today will be the first ever LOTW, well some of you might ask "what the heck does LOTW mean?"

LOTW = Lip of the week

I chose to do it on a weekly basis since, honestly when I wear make-up I tend to grab the same lip until I feel like changing it up. So on average you can say I wear the same lip color generally a week. Plus I'm not ballin' like the big Gurus to be banging out a new lip color/lip stick every day.  That would break my bank.

So without further adieu First ever LOTW will be MAC Lovelorn

I've had this lipstick for quite a while, and have a love - hate relationship with it.
It gives nice color pay-off , however if you do not use an exfoliatory before apply lovelorn, it will exaggerate all the tiny dry skin you have on your lips. Furthermore the color will start to even clump around it.

However, if you make sure to exfoliate and moisturize before applying your lips just have a nice flush of pink.

MAC Lovelorn is a Lustre finish 
It does feel moisturizing at first, but after about and hour or so I feel as though the lipstick thickens/drys out 
It doesn't look good when you reapply more on top rather look like you caked it on.
The best way to reapply is to remove the entire lip and reapply on bare lips once again to regain that lustre finish.

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