Thursday, March 7, 2013

LOTW: Lip Stain (Posie Tint) bitten look

Hey guys so for this weeks LOTW : Lip of the Week

I chose to do a Bitten look or another way to look at it is popsicle or lollipop lips. 
Since your staining your lips to transition from a brighter red and fade into your natural lips. 

There is so may lip stains out there so you have a pretty good selection you can choose from; high-end or drugstore. 

This time I used Poisetint sample I had gotten a while back. 

Posie Tint from Benefit gives off a slightly pinker shade than regular Beni-tint.

For my personal comfort I left it more dead in the center, however you can take out as far as your are comfortable with.

When your love in the gradient stain just top it off with a clear gloss!
and DONE

TIP: Be sure to use an MILD exfoliator to ensure that any dead skin if sloffed off. If not the tint with grab onto these dry patches making it look like your bleeding from your lips rather than a bitten feel. 

That is all guys
Hope you enjoyed the look
Hafadai~ Bunnies ~

Poisetint Picture Cite: link

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